Northern Ireland Bill

Many thanks for taking the time to email me about the forthcoming Northern Ireland Bill next week.

Abortion is a devolved issue that should be dealt with by the Northern Ireland Assembly, which is still in suspension. As you may know if you have contacted me previously on this issue, I am not a supporter of further relaxation on restrictions relating to abortion, but considering the position in the rest of the UK and now the Irish Republic, the situation in Northern Ireland looks increasingly anomalous.

In order to avoid the current restrictions, women are choosing to travel to other parts of the UK to have an abortion. I do not believe this is not a sustainable position. I have had a brief look at the proposed amendment and I am concerned that it potentially maybe unlawful. But I will consider the matter more closely before the vote.

Thank you again,

Robert Buckland QC MP


Robert Buckland QC MP

Conservative, South Swindon