Persimmon - Leasehold Homes

Robert has been acting on behalf of many local residents in the Badbury Park area who believe that they have been miss-sold leasehold properties by Persimmon Homes.


6 August 2020

 Julian Roper, the new South West Managing Director of Persimmon, has agreed to meet me and local residents to discuss Leasehold cases.
Due to COVID-19, these meetings will be on an individual basis at the Persimmon Show Home in Badbury Park on the afternoon of Friday, 18th September, from 1pm.
We have 14 slots, which will be offered to residents on a first-come, first-served basis. These slots will be no longer than 20 minutes per resident.
If there is more demand than slots, we will look at organising a further date for residents.
If you would like to book a slot, please get in touch with your request, full contact details and all evidence of misspelling by emailing
Please note that due to COVID 19, you will be unable to bring any paperwork on the day and this must be supplied in advance.


13th July 2020

“I have been informed that Julian Roper has now been promoted to Director in Charge for Persimmon (Wessex) Homes following Richard Briggs the previous Managing Director leaving Persimmons on the 30th June.
“Following this news, I have contacted Persimmon and requested a meeting with Julian Roper as soon as possible,in order to further discuss all of the leasehold cases I have outstanding on behalf of local residents.
“I remain fully committed to pursuing Persimmon for a resolution on behalf of residents.”

2 April 2020

Following a phone call with Steve Roche (Group Communications & Customer Relationship Director) and Richard Briggs (Regional Managing Director), Persimmon have agreed to a residents meeting with Robert moderating later during the year, once the current Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, Persimmon have agreed to examine all individual cases sent to them by Robert. If you would like Robert to send your case, please get in touch with him by emailing and include the word “Persimmon” in the subject heading of your email.  

Please make sure that you also include your full name and address, and as many details as possible about why you feel that you have been mis-sold. If you have any evidence documented, please attach this to your email, as a clear photograph.

Robert remains committed to pursuing Persimmon for a resolution on behalf of residents.