Turn On The Subtitles Campaign

Robert Buckland QC MP Joins Sandi Toksvig & Stephen Fry And Calls On Parents To Turn On The Subtitles To Improve Literacy

COVID has, unfortunately, meant that literacy levels for many children have gone backwards. This is a serious concern. Schools are working hard to remedy this, and they deserve our gratitude for this.

There are however simple measures we can all take to improve the situation. Robert Buckland QC MP has teamed up with the campaign group Turn On The Subtitles. 

"Turn On The Subtitles and improve children’s ability to read - a simple, free and extremely effective idea we can all get behind. I’m fully supportive of this in our constituency - let’s get the message out there!", said  Robert Buckland QC MP.

“Significant research has shown that by simply turning on the subtitles for children’s TV we can dramatically improve literacy. It’s such a beautifully simple, yet powerful idea” said Robert Buckland QC MP.

The campaign has garnered much attention nationwide with celebrity backers including Stephen Fry, Sir Lenny Henry, Sandi Toksvig, Phillip Schofield and Rachel Riley amongst those joining the call for more parents to embrace this idea.

Robert Buckland QC MP has written to all schools in their constituency about this, encouraging them to pass this idea on to parents. More information and details on the research can be found at www.turnonthesubtitles.org