Robert's Weekly Column - 27th May 2020

Here in Swindon, we are extremely fortunate to have hundreds of volunteers who carry out vital work every day, making a huge difference in our local community. I am calling on residents to nominate a local community champion who has gone out of their way at this difficult time.

Robert's Weekly Column - 20th May 2020

In recent days a number of residents have contacted me for an update on where we are with testing and developing a vaccine for coronavirus.

Robert's Weekly Column - 29th April 2020

On Monday I answered questions in the House of Commons on the work that the Ministry of Justice has been doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Robert's Weekly Column - 22nd April 2020

Big thanks are due to the overwhelming majority of people here in Swindon for following the Government’s rules on social distancing, in line with the rest of the UK. These measures are working, but if we stop following the guidelines now, we run the risk of increasing the spread of the virus.

Robert's Weekly Column - 15th April 2020

I hope that despite the unique circumstances everybody had a peaceful Easter weekend and found initiative ways to keep in touch with friends and family.