Robert's Weekly Column - 5th February 2020

Whatever your views about Brexit, it was undeniable that last Friday was an historic event. The exit of the UK from the EU is an end to over three years of deadlock, dither and delay.

Robert's Weekly Column - 29th January 2020

At the recent election, I campaigned hard on the issue of law and order, and this week I welcomed the news that Wiltshire Police will receive an additional £8.8 million of funding after the Conservative Government announced the biggest increase in funding for the police system in a decade.

Robert Buckland MP signs Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment

Robert Buckland signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, in doing so pledging his commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day and honouring those who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate y

Robert's Weekly Column - 22nd January 2020

There is no doubt that climate change is one of the most profound global challenges we face. The decisions we make today will affect the future of our planet for generations to come, and the Government fully recognises that action is urgently needed in the UK and across the world.

Robert's Weekly Column - 15th January 2020

Last week in Westminster the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill, the law needed to get Brexit done by the 31st January, passed through its last stage in the House of Commons. The Bill is now being debated in the House of Lords and will shortly become law.

Robert's Weekly Column - 8th January 2020

After such a hectic few months, it was really good to have the chance to recharge my batteries and spend time with my family at home in Swindon over the Christmas and New Year period.

Robert's Weekly Column - 18th December 2019

It was in the small hours of Friday morning at Steam when the result came through that the people of South Swindon had elected me as their Member of Parliament for a record fourth time.