Hop Skip and Jump Statement

As a local parent who has used this service myself, I understand just how vital it is for parents of children with disabilities to have a few hours of respite that this service provides.  I know first-hand that caring can be pretty gruelling at times. Just to be able to do normal things, such as go to the shop and have some time for yourself to recharge your batteries is so important, which is why I worked to facilitate to bring this service to Swindon ten years ago and became an ambassador for the charity.

We have been aware for several months that there has been issues with Hop, Skip and Jump.  I have been fundraising to help to support this local charity like many of us ,and I am extremely sad that despite this, the service has come to an end.  The positive news is that like me, Swindon Borough Council understand the importance of this service for parents with children with disabilities and they have indicated that they are going to carry on the service at Upper Shaw Farm, at the Centre.  They are in the process of tendering for a new provider, and the council have informed me that they will be making a decision about the new provider as early as 13th July.

The issue for us now is how quickly can the new provider get to work and provide support for parents at the centre.  The Council have indicated that they will be able to begin to provide a service again in September.  This is positive news; however, I am concerned about the gap in support during the summer.  I know that for parents of children with disabilities, it will be a long summer without this service. The council have informed me that they are proposing to use some of the Aiming High funding to support equipment and provision at home.  I met with the Head of Children’s Services in Swindon a few weeks ago to discuss this, and I will be having a further meeting to discuss my concerns about the gap in the service.

Like me, those of you who have used the service will know that we’ve got some brilliant staff at Hop, Skip and Jump who are very sadly being made redundant.  These are the sort of people who we want to continue to be involved in respite care in Swindon.  I am going to be asking if anything more can be done between now and September in order to help parents with respite care.

Overall, I am confident that we are going to get a provider into the centre to carry on with the important job of respite care for Swindon families. I am glad that the money I have raised for Hop, Skip and Jump will still be used for respite care to benefit families in Swindon.  I will ensure that the council continues to provide its statutory duties and care of children with disabilities. I understand the anxieties of parents and I  will continue to work hard to try and get a solution that delivers benefit to all of those children and families who rely on this vital service, as quickly as possible.


Robert Buckland QC MP signature