Leeds junior jurists learn the bear necessities of law from country’s top legal eagle

In his Role as Solicitor General, Robert Buckland MP recently visited pupils from Adel Primary School in Leeds where he used the classic fairytale, Goldilocks, to help the children learn about the legal system, courts and the people who appear in them in an interesting and enjoyable way.

This article was published by the Yorkshire Evening Post

The youngsters from Adel Primary School got some top tips about the law and their basic civil and criminal rights from one of the country’s most senior legal brains, Solicitor General Robert Buckland.

The pupils, all aged nine and 10, took part in a mock trial of Goldilocks versus the Three Bears at BPP University Law School in Leeds, where they decided if Goldilocks was guilty of breaking and entering, causing criminal damage and stealing the bears’ food.

After a fun morning in which they all took on roles such as defendant, victim, prosecutor and defence lawyer, as well as forming a jury, they decided Goldilocks was guilty on all counts.

The session was organised as part of the Streetlaw programme.

Mr Buckland and his student colleagues used the classic fairytale to help the children learn about the legal system, courts and the people who appear in them in an interesting and enjoyable way.

“Teaching children about the law means they have a greater understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities that they can use throughout their lives,” Mr Buckland said.

“Such sessions provide an excellent legal foundation together with helping to raise confidence and skills in both the pupils and law students.”

Streetlaw is a national, public legal education project that is delivered by law students in universities across England and Wales.

The students organise interactive and engaging legal workshops that aim to educate community groups and school children about the law as it relates to them.

Emma Blackstone, Pro Bono Manager at BPP University Law School in Leeds said: “Streetlaw is such a fantastic way to teach young people about the legal issues that relate to them. “At BPP University, we are educating the next generation of lawyers. Taking part in Streetlaw helps our students to develop the key skills they will need in practice.

“The project also develops a sense of social responsibility in our students. We encourage them to use their legal knowledge to improve access to justice for others. This is an ethos they carry with them into their professional careers.