Robert Buckland MP supports rare cancer charity Cancer52

Robert Buckland MP has attended a parliamentary reception organised by charity Cancer52, an alliance of nearly 100 charities united by their vision of a better future for everyone affected by rare and less common cancers.

The reception was hosted by Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer, John Baron MP. The reception's key objective was to raise awareness of rare and less common cancers amongst MPs. These cancers together account for more than half of all UK cancer deaths – more than the ‘big four’ (breast, prostate, lung and bowel cancer).

MPs met constituents affected by cancer and Cancer52 Chair Jonathan Pearce, Chair of Cancer52.

Robert Buckland MP explained: “Few families have not been touched by cancer, and mine is no exception, which is why I was pleased to support this event.

‘’The Government is committed to improving cancer outcomes throughout the UK and recognises that investing in research is vital in order to increase survival rates. The UK is a world leader in health research and I am pleased that the science budget of £4.7 billion will be protected in real terms in this Parliament.

Jane Lyons, CEO of Cancer52, said: "It was great that Mr Buckland managed to take time out of his busy schedule to join us. I hope that, as a result, he will support our work by ensuring decision makers remember the rare and less common cancers when writing policies or allocating funds.

"We’re enormously grateful to John Baron MP for his work with cancer charities in parliament, and to Steve Brine MP, the Minister responsible for cancer, who sent a video message of support."