Robert Buckland MP Welcomes News of Multi-Million Pound Housing Project in South Swindon

Robert Buckland MP has welcomed the news that Nationwide has teamed up with Swindon Borough Council in a community lead housing project, which could see more than 200 new homes built on the Oaktree campus site.

Robert met Nationwide's Chief Executive Joe Garner and senior representatives this morning to discuss the initiative and housing supply issues more generally.

The initiative aims to put local people at the heart of the planning and design process; influencing the layout, mix and number of properties on a site, which includes the provision for affordable housing.

The initial consultation, which starts today, could last for up to six months and help determine key aspects of the development, including green spaces and facilities to benefit the wider local community.

Subject to further discussion with Swindon Borough Council and successfully securing planning consent, building is expected to begin in 2019.

Robert Buckland MP commented: “This multi million-pound housing regeneration project is welcome news for Swindon.

“Oakfield campus is a brownfield site, which has been unoccupied for seven years and is ideal for the building of much needed homes in our town.”