West Swindon/ Shaw Ridge Complex Anti-Social Behaviour involving Vehicles

Minutes from the meeting held in November

The meeting had no structure and was essentially a free-for-all where residents expressed their concerns to Andy Bridge.

Peter (Manager):

He said that the current situation could be described as an "unacceptable equilibrium".

They are keen to avoid ending up with a carpark full of barriers like that at Greenbridge, but something has to be done.

The police have previously brought in a mobile CCTV van, but that only resulted in the problem moving from the South carpark to the one in the North, which resulted in more businesses being disrupted.

There is a significant problem with tire marks.

Local businesses are asking residents to pass on any information they have onto the police - it is imperative that everything gets logged.

Local Residents:

This is not just a Saturday night problem; it happens most nights until 3am and affects every main road in the surrounding area. Residents cannot leave their windows open in the summer because of the noise. "The last two years have been hell".

Residents say they are reporting to the police on a regular basis and that local Facebook groups are full of complaints. They complain that there is not a sufficient police presence in the local area.

It is clear that noise is the main issue.

They ask for more cameras to be installed to cover the South car park.

Inspector Andy Bridge - Police

He made it clear that the police have been working on this issue for some time. He said there is evidence of this action on their social media channels.

The police have been working with businesses to see what more they can do to deter anti-social behaviour.

They will continue to look into ways they can tackle the locations where they gather (target-hidden = cameras, ANPR, barriers etc).

The police have been doing speed checks and have been talking to insurance companies about modified cars.

Whitehill Way and Mead Way have been sector priorities for the police. However, their action is limited due to resources.

Andy urged people to give them any dashboard clips they have. He made it clear though, if residents are unwilling to have that evidence be heard in court under their name, there is nothing that can be done in relation to prosecution, but it can nonetheless be used as intelligence.

Need people to give dashboard clips, but without agreeing to have that evidence be heard in court under their name, there is nothing that can be done. But it will be used as intelligence.

Further Actions Following The Meeting

Following the meeting in November, Inspector Andy Bridge has retired.  Inspector Carly Nesbitt is the new Neighbourhood Inspector for West Swindon and her update is below.  Robert has requested a meeting with Inspector Nesbitt to further discuss this issue.

“I am pleased to say that things appear to have died down since your meeting in November. I met with the Parish Clerk yesterday who did not raise it as an issue, and I have checked our logs for the past 28 days and there is only one report of ASB involving a vehicle in that location.

“I am aware however that as the weather gets better, we may expect more incidents, so I will liaise with the team and our Roads Policing Unit so we can formulate a proactive plan. Additionally, the Parish Clerk and I are in the process of setting up a Community Safety Group for the Parish which will give us a platform for a multi-agency response to community issues, which may include this.”

Further comments from Robert

According to police records, there has only been one report of ASB involving a vehicle in the area within the past 28 days.  I would encourage all residents and local businesses to continue to report all instances and contact me so that I am aware and can keep an accurate record prior to my meeting with Inspector Carly Nesbitt.

I will continue to work with local residents to tackle this issue.