Robert's Weekly Column - 23rd April 2019

It was great to celebrate Easter here in Swindon, but like many of us, I was deeply shocked and saddened by the attacks in Sri Lanka, which were an attack on the peace and happiness of Easter.

Robert's Weekly Column - 15th April 2019

The need to further develop higher education opportunities in Swindon is clear, which is why both Justin Tomlinson and I lobbied hard for an Institute of Technology, which has been given the go-ahead.

Robert's Weekly Column - 10th April 2019

The internet has many uses and can be a great learning resource, but for far too long, online companies have not done enough to protect users, especially children and young people.

Robert's Weekly Column - 2 April 2019

In my role as Solicitor General and as a member of the Inter-Ministerial Group on Serious Violence, I took part in the Serious Violence Summit, chaired by the Prime Minister,  in 10 Downing Street on Monday, which brought a wide range of government agencies and knife crime organisations together.

Robert's Weekly Column - 27th March 2019

Over the past nine years as your MP for South Swindon, I have continued to be amazed by the lengths that some people go to in order to improve the lives of others in the local community and I am proud to represent a town where such a strong sense of community pride exists, so I was especially ple

Robert's Weekly Column - 20th March 2019

Amidst all the comment about Brexit, last week’s Spring Statement by the Chancellor underlined some encouraging news about our work to balance the books since 2010 and the years of neglect under Labour.