Greenest Government

Since 2010, we have been delivering on our ambition to be the greenest government ever.


How Have We Done This?:


  • We ratified the Paris Agreement in November 2016 which is the first truly global, legally-binding agreement to tackle climate change.


  • We have cut the use of plastic bags by 83% through our plastic bag charge meaning that 9 billion fewer bags used.


  • We decarbonised our economy faster than any other G20 country in 2016.


  • Between 2010 and 2016, we reduced the UK's domestic greenhouse gas emissions by 22%.


  • Annual support for renewables will be over £10 billion in 2020/21.


  • We're committed to ending unabated coal by 2025.


  • We are maintaining our position as a global leader in offshore wind.


  • Over 99% of solar capacity in the UK has been installed since May 2010.


  • The UK is now one of the largest markets in Europe for ultra-low emission vehicles.


  • Nearly a quarter of electricity generated in 2016 came from wind farms, solar panels and other renewable power sources.


  • Government investment in offshore wind has helped to deliver a 50% reduction of the level of support over just the last two years. 


  • We have launched our 25 Year Environment Plan, with a pledge to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste by the end of 2042.


  • We have launched a consultation on the Environmental Principles and Governance Bill, which will establish a world-leading body to hold government to account for environmental outcomes.


  • We have recently announced that we will launch a consultation on banning single use plastic products later this year. 


  • We have banned the manufacturing of plastic microbeads (which are then used in cosmetic and personal care products) which choke marine life and will ban their sale later this year.


  • We are extending the 5p charge for plastic carrier bags.


  • We have set out our new Air Quality Plan, taking our total investment to £3 billion.


  • We have published our plan to address roadside air quality, including ending the sale of new conventional diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2040.


  • We have published the Clean Growth Strategy, which sets out our plan for decarbonising the UK economy through the 2020s.


  • The electricity powering the UK's homes and businesses in summer last year was the greenest ever with over 54% coming from clean sources.


  • We are developing a sustainable fisheries policy and agricultural subsidies as we leave the EU.


  • We are building on some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world by going further, including raising maximum sentences for animal cruelty to five years.