Greenest Government

Environment: Protecting our environment for future generations:

- A key part of our mission to build a Britain fit for the future is delivering our commitment to leave the environment in a better state than we found it.

- Our 25 Year Environment Plan sets out plans to tackle the scourge of plastic, deliver cleaner air and water and use the opportunity Brexit provides to develop our own agricultural and fisheries policies.

- We will deliver a Green Brexit, not only protecting but enhancing environmental standards as we leave the European Union, but leaving it in a better state for our children.

Since 2010, we’ve been working to protect and enhance our environment:

- Cut down on plastic waste to fight plastic pollution. We have banned plastic microbeads in personal care and cosmetic products, cut plastic bag use by 83 percent through our 5p charge and doubled maximum litter fines to £150 – helping to leave our environment in a better state for our children.

- Protected and enhanced our natural environment for future generations. We have backed the Northern Forest, appointed a Tree Champion and approved the release of beavers in the forest of Dean.

- Improved air quality to improve public health. Since 2010, we have cut harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides by 27 per cent and put in place a £3.5 billion plan to cut harmful emissions from road transport, ensuring the air we breathe is cleaner.

But, there is more to do to leave our environment in a better state than we found it:

- Eliminate all avoidable plastic waste. We will ban plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds subject to consultation, introduce a Deposit Return Scheme for drinks containers, and take steps to ensure those who use plastic packaging for their products take more responsibility.

- Be the first generation to leave our natural environment in a better state than we found it. We will ensure water companies invest more to improve water quality, plant 11 million trees, embed net environmental gain in the planning system and provide 500,000 hectares of extra wildlife habitat. Brexit gives us the opportunity to pay farmers for ‘public goods’ – principally work to enhance the environment – and ensure that we have a sustainable and profitable fishing industry.

- Cut air pollution to save lives. Our Clean Air Strategy will help to prevent air pollution from shortening lives and damaging our economy and environment, including through ensuring only the cleanest domestic fuels and stoves are available for sale.