A Stronger Economy

Since 2010, I have fought hard to maintain and grow a strong local economy that is supportive of businesses and creates jobs.

There are now more people in work in Swindon than the national average. The average rate across the country is 71.8 per compared to 75.9 per cent here in Swindon.

Over 7,400 more apprenticeships have also been created. This means that more young people in Swindon are earning and learning, getting the skills they need for a successful and secure future

Improving education for children in Swindon

One of my key priorities has been making sure that Swindon delivers high quality education services and support to all of its children, from pre-school through to college and beyond. In the last Parliament, I helped to secure £10 million for Pupil
Premium, extra school funding worth £150 per student, and the construction of two new secondary schools.

Improving Swindon Transport

Our transportation system, which suffered years of neglect and apathy under Labour, is improving. Oil prices have come down, while the burdensome fuel price escalator has been scrapped. Fuel duty has also been frozen for the sixth year in a row, saving motorists on average £75 a year.

Defending our Nation

Britain’s defences are strong. Under this government we have chosen to use our hard-earned economic strength to support our armed forces and give them what they need to help keep Britain safe. Our investment is rising year-on-year to tackle the complex, diverse and multiple threats we face. The UK continues to spend the fifth-most on defence in the world, now surpassing France.

I have pushed to increase military spending in real terms and meet NATO’s target for 2% of GDP to be spent on defence. I have also helped to secure military equipment for our armed force.