Building Swindon's Future

 As our economy continues to grow, we have been able to invest in Swindon. Since 2010, we have invested in jobs, schools, healthcare and local infrastructure

  • New homes bonus has generated an extra £26.5 million for Swindon
  • 10,070 people in Swindon have started an apprenticeship since 2010
  • Additional £4.3 million to Swindon schools thanks to the new fairer funding formula
  • £169 million for local infrastructure projects through the Swindon and Wiltshire growth deal
  • 10,600 more people in jobs in Swindon since 2010; unemployment down by 57%
  • Youth unemployment down by 61.3%, traditionally the hardest area to tackle
  • 91,136 people in Swindon have received an income tax cut in Swindon since 2010
  • 11,025 people in Swindon have been taken out of paying income tax altogether since 2010
  • £39 million extra for Swindon schools through the pupil premium
  • 847 new homes bought in Swindon thanks to the help to buy scheme
  • Secured funding for 4 brand new schools in Swindon
  • NHS funding in Swindon increased by 50% to £127 million by 2021
  • Introducing 30 hours per week free childcare for parents of 3-4-year olds
  • £480,000 for over 170 new childcare places in Swindon
  • Secured £7 billion for the modernisation & electrification of the Great Western mainline
  • £357,000 for pothole and road repairs in the last 2 years