Robert's Weekly Article - 15th May 2018

In the years up to 2010, the "inclusion agenda" meant that many local authorities closed their special schools, denying many children and young people with significant special educational needs the opportunity to be educated in an appropriate way. This was misguided and wrong.

Robert's Weekly Column - 9th May 2018

It has been a pretty busy few weeks for political campaigners as Swindon went to the polls in Thursday’s Local Elections to elect one third of our Borough Councillors.

Robert's Weekly Column - 1st May 2018

This week, The Domestic Gas and Electricity Tariff Cap Bill has passed through the House of Commons and should become law later this year.

Robert's Weekly Column - 12th April 2018

This week, Home Secretary, Amber Rudd has announced a multi-million-pound commitment to steering young people away from crime and tackling violent gangs. In my role as Solicitor General and as a member of a Ministerial Group on knife crime, I have been involved with this directly.