Robert's Weekly Column - 25th March 2020

Since I wrote late, I have been working flat out on the spread of Covid19 and its effect on all of us. I have been taking part in daily meetings right through the weekend and continuing with daily Cabinet Committee meetings to help co-ordinate the Government’s response to the Coronavirus.

Robert's Weekly Column - 18th March 2020

Coronavirus is the biggest health emergency in a generation, but I want to stress that the NHS is well prepared to deal with incidents like this and I am assured that the Government has a clear plan, based on the expertise of world-leading scientists.

Robert's Weekly Column - 11th March 2020

Each year 2.4 million adults in the UK, including 7,500 here in Swindon, will suffer some form of domestic abuse. Two thirds of these victims are women, but domestic abuse knows no boundaries can affect anybody in society and is not always limited to physical violence.

Robert's Weekly Column - 5th February 2020

Whatever your views about Brexit, it was undeniable that last Friday was an historic event. The exit of the UK from the EU is an end to over three years of deadlock, dither and delay.

Robert's Weekly Column - 29th January 2020

At the recent election, I campaigned hard on the issue of law and order, and this week I welcomed the news that Wiltshire Police will receive an additional £8.8 million of funding after the Conservative Government announced the biggest increase in funding for the police system in a decade.