Improving and Protecting our NHS

Our NHS:

  • We are increasing funding to the NHS so it remains the best in the world.
  • Since 2010, we have increased NHS spending each and every year, even as we had to take difficult decisions elsewhere to fix our nations' finances.
  • Our NHS now has around £14 billion more to spend on caring for people than in 2010. There are almost 42,000 more clinical staff looking after patients.
  • People are more likely to survive cancer than ever before, people are safer in hospitals than ever before, and the NHS has twice been independently rated the best healthcare system in the world. 
  • But we absolutely recognise there is more to do, to reflect the pressures the NHS faces today and in the future, which is why we are committed to a long-term plan for the NHS to be published this year. 

Our Plan for the NHS:

We are:

  • Backing the NHS plan for the future to deliver better care for the people.
  • Increasing funding. Spending is around £14 billion higher than in 2010, and will rise every year. 
  • Training more staff. We have already increased doctor and nurses training places by a quarter, the biggest expansion in NHS history.
  • Joining up services so people can stay at home rather than go into hospital. 
  • Improving treatments with the first mental health writing targets and 7-day GP services across the whole country. 
  • Reducing waste by tackling expensive agency spending and recovering more from overseas users of the NHS.
  • Committed to a long-term plan for the NHS to be published this year.

The NHS in Swindon:

I worked with the late Dr Peter Crouch, Clinical Chair of Swindon’s Clinical Commissioning Group and my colleague, Justin Tomlinson, for a change to the funding formula and for a dedicated Radiotherapy Unit here in Swindon. 

Following this work, NHS England announced that it would amend the funding formula.

Under the old system, Swindon CCG would have received an annual increase of £5-6 million a year. However, under the new allocation formula, annual growth for Swindon instead ranges between £7million and £12million per annum. When the cumulative impact of the introduction of the new allocation formula is taken into consideration, instead of receiving an increase of £30 million between 2016 and 2021, the CCG will now receive an increase of around £44 million.

Overall, the change driven by the new formula represents an increase in cumulative investment in the Swindon CCG healthcare economy of £45 million over five years, with investment up from £82 million to £127 million.

At the same time as the changes to the funding formula were announced, the proposed Radiotherapy Unit at the Great Western Hospital was finally given the green light. 

For too long, cancer patients from Swindon have suffered the pain & discomfort of having to travel hundreds of miles every year in round-trips to Bristol & Oxford for treatment. Securing this new facility, right at the heart of the GWH, and delivering a five-year cumulative investment of £127 million means that patients in Swindon will benefit from both of these significant improvements.