A Stronger Economy

Since 2010, I have fought hard to maintain and grow a strong local economy that is supportive of businesses and creates jobs.

There are now more people in work in Swindon than the national average. The average rate across the country is 71.8 per compared to 75.9 per cent here in Swindon.

Over 7,400 more apprenticeships have also been created. This means that more young people in Swindon are earning and learning, getting the skills they need for a successful and secure future

An annual report published by the Centre for Cities recognised Swindon as a town that has huge potential in terms of future growth. The town delivers higher productivity levels than cities much larger in size and performs strongly on a range of economic indicators, including productivity and share of knowledge-based jobs.

The Government’s long-term economic plan has helped many new businesses launch in Swindon. The start-up business rate is twice the national rate and the weekly wage is also above the national average.

Stagnation and recession under Labour has come to an end, and Swindon’s economy is vibrant, booming and better than ever.

This year is a very important celebration for our town as we mark the anniversary of the birth of Swindon New Town 175 years ago.

Since its humble beginnings as a small market town Swindon has since become a pillar of growth for the UK with its rich history, thriving business and vibrant communities.