Robert Buckland MP Encourages Families to Take Advantage of Free Archaeology Day in Swindon

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery are holding a free Archaeology Day on Saturday 28th July from 11am-3pm.

The event will involve talks from archaeology experts throughout the day to celebrate and discuss Swindon’s archaeological collections.

Wiltshire Conservation and Museum Advisory service will be there to demonstrate the techniques used to take care of archaeological collections, giving everyone the opportunity to have a hands on experience.

The day will also include a visit from an early medieval re-enactment group, Wessex Ulfolc, and a children’s workshop where children can spell their names on beaded Roman Bracelets or make their own Roman sword.

Cotswold Archaeology will be attending to look at archaeological finds you have uncovered and tell you what you have discovered.

The entire day is free and based around creating a family environment with something for everyone to enjoy.

This will be a fun and enriching day out for the entire family as they get to explore the history surrounding archaeology projects and collections in Swindon.