Brexit Update - Letter to Residents

As I have received so many emails on emails on Brexit, I am writing to everyone who has contacted me about the issue over the past weeks and months to ensure that you are all aware of my position.

It’s Time To Build On Defence Spending

Robert writes for the Independent

2018 marks several important anniversaries, but very high on that list has to be that it is seventy years since Eleanor Roosevelt’s unveiling of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

Robert's speech to the Swindon Philisophical Society - 3rd February 2017

May I thank the Swindon Philosophical Society for extending another invitation to me to speak.  I can only conclude that my offering last time found at least some favour, for which I am most grateful.  Can I at the outset of my remarks make an admission:  I am not a philosopher.  I am a practisin