Persimmon - Leasehold Homes Campaign

Robert and Cllr William Horley have been acting on behalf of many local residents who believe that they have been mis-sold leasehold properties by Persimmon Homes.


8th July 2021

Along with Cllr William Horley, I was pleased last week when following our local campaign, the CMA (Competitions and Marketing Authority) announced that they had secured formal commitments from leading companies including Aviva and Persimmon, as part of the ongoing work to tackle issues in the leasehold sector.

Following this announcement, we spoke with Julian Roper, Managing Director of Persimmon Wessex, to find out what this means for local leasehold residents and what next steps they should be taking.

Persimmon has agreed to the following:

  • An extension of its existing Right to Buy scheme to cap the purchase price of a freehold at £2,000. This extended scheme will apply to any house leases sold on or after 1 January 2000 and runs until 31 December 2026;
  • Customers who have already acquired their freeholds from Persimmon under the existing Right to Buy scheme, and who still own the freehold, can apply to be reimbursed for the difference between the price paid and £2,000;
  • An extension of its Reservation Period for home buyers from 35 days to 42 days.*At pre-reservation stage (for those yet to buy) you will be shown details of the appearance and location of your chosen home together with all relevant surrounding information. The reservation agreement will set out the key terms of your home purchase, including the reservation period, purchase price and other important information.

We have been informed that The Persimmon Group is operating a central dedicated contact point for Leasehold residents following the agreement with the CMA and that local regional businesses are not operationally involved in the process.

 The central dedicated department dealing with freehold/leaseholds can be accessed via 2 ways:

  1. Go to where you can complete an online enquiry form, or
  2. Ring the helpline on 0800 915 6722

 We are pleased that following our local campaign, Persimmon has voluntarily agreed to the above changes for Leasehold residents.

24th June 2021

I am pleased that following a local campaign on behalf of many local residents with leasehold properties, the CMA (Competitions and Marketing Authority) has secured formal commitments from leading companies including Aviva and Persimmon, as part of its ongoing work to tackle issues in the leasehold sector.
I have requested an urgent phone call with Julian Roper, Managing Director of Persimmon Wessex to further discuss the changes announced and what this means for local residents.

You can find further information below:

13th November 2020

Last week, I met with the CMA (Competition and Marketing Authority) alongside Councillor William Horley, via Zoom to raise local residents cases.

The Competition and Marketing Authority enforcement cases announced in September 2020 include:

Problematic levels of ground rent

Mis-selling of long lease – the CMA need to gather consumer evidence, Covid-19 has prevented face-to-face investigations. The target is Jan/Feb 2021

The CMA is also getting responses to further information notices from developers.

The CMA doesn't have powers to fine or impose remedies, but if developers admit guilt, the CMA can agree a remedy. More likely to be litigation between CMA (based on evidence gathered in relation to the above two issues) in High Court in London with the four named developers.

This is only a remedy for cases after October 2015

CMA Next Steps:

The CMA would like to establish test cases to get a judgement from the courts, based on evidence gathered.

Trying to do as much as they can, but going to court is the final course of action.

CMA Timelines:

Finish getting evidence

Agree on a solution with the developers or go to court

01/02 2021 at the earliest

Meeting Outcomes

Please can all residents who brought freehold and who brought leasehold confirm to the CMA directly if they were aware that freehold was available at the same time as Leasehold?

Residents can submit this information along with any written (email, paper, letter) evidence of what was said about the cost of Freehold and when directly to

12th October 2020

The CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) is launching enforcement action involving four leading housing developers (including Persimmon) it believes may have broken consumer protection law in relation to leasehold homes
Following this announcement, I contacted all of the local residents who have raised issues with me regarding Persimmon and encouraged them to give evidence to the CMA by emailing
 I have also contacted the CMA to highlight local residents’ concerns to them. A meeting has now been arranged between myself and the CMA on Friday, 6th November so that I can further discuss all of the local cases.

3rd September 2020

All meeting slots for residents with Persimmon on 18th September are now fully booked. However, I can still raise your individual case via email with Julian Roper, Managing Director at Persimmon.  If you would like me to do this on your behalf, please get in touch via email stating your full name and address and including any evidence you have of mis-selling to 

26th August 2020

Over the past year or so, I have been acting on behalf of many local residents in the Badbury Park area who believe that they have been mis-sold leasehold properties by Persimmon Homes.

I have been pressing Persimmon for a residents meeting for many months and following the appointment of Julian Roper as Director in Charge for Persimmon in July, Persimmon finally agreed to this request.

Due to COVID 19, and GDPR it was agreed that these meetings will take place on an individual basis rather than a group meeting, at the Persimmon show home in Badbury Park on Friday 18th Sept.  I will also be present at these meetings to represent and support local residents.

Due to high demand for meetings, all slots are now fully booked, however, Julian Roper from Persimmon has agreed to review any individual cases where a resident has been unable to book a slot.

I have also requested a public Zoom meeting with Persimmon which Julian Roper has turned down.  This is disappointing news.

I was pleased last year when the Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government announced that all new build homes will be sold as Freehold in a move to tackle unfair Leasehold practices.  This is a step in the right direction; however, it does not solve the issues for the many residents, including those in Badbury Park, who have already purchased a Leasehold home. 

I have written to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, on behalf of local residents and asked him what can be done from a government point of view to help those residents who have already purchased a Leasehold property.

I will continue to work hard and do all I can to assist residents with this issue.

You can find all updates on this issue on my website here

6 August 2020

 Julian Roper, the new South West Managing Director of Persimmon, has agreed to meet me and local residents to discuss Leasehold cases.
Due to COVID-19, these meetings will be on an individual basis at the Persimmon Show Home in Badbury Park on the afternoon of Friday, 18th September, from 1pm.
We have 14 slots, which will be offered to residents on a first-come, first-served basis. These slots will be no longer than 20 minutes per resident.
If there is more demand than slots, we will look at organising a further date for residents.
If you would like to book a slot, please get in touch with your request, full contact details and all evidence of mis-selling by emailing
Please note that due to COVID 19, you will be unable to bring any paperwork on the day and this must be supplied in advance.

13th July 2020

“I have been informed that Julian Roper has now been promoted to Director in Charge for Persimmon (Wessex) Homes following Richard Briggs the previous Managing Director leaving Persimmons on the 30th June.
“Following this news, I have contacted Persimmon and requested a meeting with Julian Roper as soon as possible,in order to further discuss all of the leasehold cases I have outstanding on behalf of local residents.
“I remain fully committed to pursuing Persimmon for a resolution on behalf of residents.”

2 April 2020

Following a phone call with Steve Roche (Group Communications & Customer Relationship Director) and Richard Briggs (Regional Managing Director), Persimmon have agreed to a residents meeting with Robert moderating later during the year, once the current Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, Persimmon have agreed to examine all individual cases sent to them by Robert. If you would like Robert to send your case, please get in touch with him by emailing and include the word “Persimmon” in the subject heading of your email.  

Please make sure that you also include your full name and address, and as many details as possible about why you feel that you have been mis-sold. If you have any evidence documented, please attach this to your email, as a clear photograph.

Robert remains committed to pursuing Persimmon for a resolution on behalf of residents.